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Alex Rees

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Attest honoured in Shift 100's list of industry-changing startups

Attest has been recognised for reinventing research methods in a digital world.

Is Britain feeling the pinch?

We have seen a spike in coverage recently marking the effect of inflation on British households, but what do the statistics really tell us? Here at Attest we like nothing more than to look at the ...

Top 4 market research tools that can make you a PR superstar

The tools you need, to develop market-leading campaigns As the saying goes, a bad workman will often blame their tools, whilst a good marketer will often keep their tools a closely guarded secret. At ...

A market researcher's guide to 2016

Attest solves the Puzzle

Puzzle specialises in delivering creative and engaging marketing solutions. They’ve already used Attest multiple times, once when pitching for a new client and once to gain insights on charitable ...

Kurt Salmon highlight Attest in The 10 New KPIs for Retail

Kurt Salmon, a global management consultancy focused on retailers, noted how Attest "allows retailers to gather and analyse increasingly rich customer data to improve decision making around products ...

Attest featured in top 10 marketing and advertising startups in the UK.

Attest has been featured in Techworld's top 14 marketing and advertising tech startups in the UK, coming in at a very respectable number 6.

The perceived undercurrent of doping in sport - and the potential damage this can do to sponsors’ brands.

"you can be found guilty of doping individually, but more dangerously, you can suffer from perceived guilt merely by association"

These are the most common email marketing sins - how many are you guilty of?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what motivated a customer to unsubscribe from your mailing list? After all, losing a recipient from a mailing list is a marketing failure. It amounts to a person ...

RetailWeek selects Attest as “Start-up of the Week”

We were delighted that RetailWeek chose Attest as ‘Start-up of the Week’
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