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Hannah Kate Kelly

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For Consumers, Tech = Hardware

Our recent report on the leading technology brands provided lots of interesting takeaways, but one interesting pattern in particular emerged:

5 Templates to Get Your Brand Messaging on Point

Getting your branding spot-on is the key to a winning marketing strategy. Brand is the foundation of your company. Get it right, and you’ll be able to build out in a myriad of exciting directions. ...

Technology Brand Index

The Attest Brand Index is a platform agnostic measure of a brand’s total brand equity in the various sectors, as determined by real consumers.

A Retro Revival: Why the Entertainment Industry is Kicking It Old School

From the excitement of the first cinemas, where stories stuttered in black-and-white across projector screens; to the reign of the video store, running your hand along the Blockbuster aisles of VHS ...

Reasons Everyone in the C-Suite Should Focus on Brand

Brand can be an elusive concept. Is it the company name and logo? The typeface and colour scheme it uses? The qualities we associate it with?

The Alan Key to success: Why IKEA is better than the rest

The blue-and-yellow IKEA branding has become more than just a logo. It’s the stamp of a certain way of life: the IKEA way of life. It heralds a place where value, durability, and simplicity are ...

6 Mistakes You Can Avoid With Brand Tracking

From time to time, we all misjudge certain things. Perhaps we don’t know enough about the subject; perhaps we are too deep in our own bubble to realise that our messaging is no longer hitting home. ...

Furniture & Homeware Brand Index

The Attest Brand Index is a platform agnostic measure of a brand’s total brand equity in the furniture and homeware sector, as determined by real consumers.

Nike Shows How to Just Do It When it Comes to More Inclusive Campaigns

In our recent industry report , the results showed that the sports world is dominated by one huge brand. Slam dunk. Home run. Gold medal. Take your pick of the sports metaphors: it was an ...

Market Research and Consumer Intelligence Glossary

Market Research and Consumer Intelligence are both very technical fields, with high requirements for specificity. As such, they can be minefields of unfamiliar vocabulary and acronyms. We’ve created ...
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