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Mark Walker

Leads marketing, where his mission is to educate and inspire businesses to get closer to their customers and use that understanding to grow faster.
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5 Survey Topics that Challenger Brands Need to Focus On

Being a challenger brand is exciting - you’re shaking up the market and giving the big fish a run for their money, but it can also be daunting. How do you cut through to reach your target audience ...

Introducing Attest's NPS Tracker

Now you can measure and improve your customer loyalty by using our NPS tracker.

New Report Shows Food & Drink Industry Set to Reach £111 billion in Annual Sales in 2017

Attest, the London based consumer insight platform, has released the 2017 Food and Drink Consumer Trends Report, showing the industry is set to reach annual sales of £111 billion.

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What the 2017 UK Election Result Means for Business

Last week, Theresa May hoped that she would receive an even bigger mandate from the electorate to drive a hard Brexit, continue with measures of austerity, roll back immigration and provide a ‘strong ...

New Feature: Cloning Surveys

Enjoy the luxury of free time thanks to our new cloning feature.

New Data Shows How to Maximise Father's Day Sales

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so if you’ve forgotten - don’t worry - there’s still plenty of time to post a card before it’s too late!

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Underground Advertising

This week, we’re taking a look at 'Brands Going Underground', how London's TFL customers feel about their travel experience, and how that can help inform a more targeted promotional strategy when ...

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