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Mark Walker

Leads marketing, where his mission is to educate and inspire businesses to get closer to their customers and use that understanding to grow faster.
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14% of UK Consumers and 16% Businesses Victims of Ransomware in the Last 12 Months

WannaCry, the global ransomware attack, has been all over the news since it launched on May 12th. Having affected over 200,000 victims, the NHS, corporations like Telefonica and FedEx, and spreading ...

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Deliveroo: Attest delivers

The Problem Deliveroo came to Attest to figure out whether one of Britain’s favourite family restaurants (we’ll call them Vesuvio’s) would be a good fit as a restaurant quality delivery partner for ...

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Attest finalists in two illustrious MRS awards

Attest's sprightly emergence on the market research scene has been recognised with not just one, but two nominations in the Market Research Society Awards 2016 (MRS): Best Innovationand Best New ...
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