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Mark Walker

Leads marketing, where his mission is to educate and inspire businesses to get closer to their customers and use that understanding to grow faster.
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Who really cares if brands are ethical?

I can't remember the last time I bought a product that wasn’t simultaneously Fairtrade, organic, sustainable and full of integrity. These are the buzzwords we use to justify our spending habits. But ...

TechWorld features Attest as one of the top MarTech startups in the UK.

Almost 1/5 shoppers report spending less at the supermarket in wake of Brexit

The political and economic uncertainty which has followed the population’s decision to Leave the EU has been much discussed. At Attest, we wondered if it was possible yet to measure how real-world ...

Attest’s research suggests that almost 20% of young Leave voters would vote differently if given the chance again.

Since the referendum result, there have been claims and counter-claims over the numbers of people who now regret the way they initially voted. Some have suggested that the proportions swinging their ...

Emeritus Professor of Management & Marketing Paddy Barwise joins Attest’s advisory board

Better engagement = greater insights. How Attest is disrupting the £4.8 billion UK market research industry

"All organisations strive to be constantly customer-centric & data-driven… they’re just lacking a way to actually do it. Demand for information & insight has never been higher". - Attest

10 Downing Street advisor Justin Cooke joins Attest's advisory board

London, United Kingdom. 10 May 2016 - Attest announced today the addition of celebrated business builder, former WPP executive, 10 Downing Street advisor and UK digital influencer Justin Cooke to its ...
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