Kurt Salmon highlight Attest in The 10 New KPIs for Retail

September 14, 2016

Kurt Salmon, a global management consultancy focused on retailers, noted how Attest "allows retailers to gather and analyse increasingly rich customer data to improve decision making around products and services."


They go on to say that it is only "by combining a detailed knowledge of each stage in the customer journey with analysis of what marketing activity drives each step" that retailers will develop an understanding of how and when to engage with customers, so as to build loyalty and long term value.

You can read their full analysis here: http://www.kurtsalmon.com/en-gb/Retail/vertical-in...

At Attest, we're proud to be part of the growing effort to more deeply understand consumers. With these insights, we believe it's possible to make the retail experience more rewarding for both customers and businesses.

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