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[Webinar] How Brands Can Engage With Generation Z

We joined the Drum, Discovery Networks, Eventbrite and Social Chain to discuss how brands can engage with the next major cohort to emerge after Millennials - Generation Z.

10 Online Consumer Brands on How They Build Brand Equity

Building your brand when you’re an online business can be a real challenge. Without shop shelves to showcase your offering, how do you create consumer awareness?

How to Measure and Increase Brand Loyalty

True story, (try not to judge!) but I walk a further 5 minutes down the road past one supermarket to another one, because only the second supermarket sells McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak Flavour crisps. ...

12 Brand Extensions Consumers Would Love to See

Brand extensions have a mixed record.

An Introduction to Market Intelligence

Imagine you’re trying to make a decision about how best to hit your growth targets for the year. Your options are to launch a new product; release an extension of an existing product; or take your ...

How to Create a Successful Brand Strategy

The easiest way to think about brand strategy is to consider your own personal answers to these kinds of questions:

From Gen Z to Boomers: An In-Depth Understanding of Generational Attitudes, Beliefs & Behaviours

Stereotypes tend to be borne from lazy thinking, and evolve like Chinese whispers.

How to Avoid Survivorship Bias and Know What Consumers Want Next

Would you take advice from a lottery winner on how to pick winning numbers?

The Importance of Measuring Net Promoter Score

What’s your Net Promoter Score?

5 CEOs on the Importance of Brand Equity

Marketers talk a lot about “brand,” but what does it really mean to the CxOs who sit in the boardroom - the ones who deal in cold, hard figures? Is it really that important?