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10 Essential Questions Brand Managers Need to Ask Their Customers

If you had a direct line to your customers, what would you ask them? Market research offers the opportunity to uncover a wealth of insights - information you can use to enhance your product or ...

20+ Big Media Consumption Questions We Can Now Answer

According to Marketing Week, marketers in the UK had a media spend of £21.4bn in 2016, up 3.9% year on year, with almost all of that growth being ploughed into digital channels.

The UK's Favourite Memes

Memes are pretty much as old as the internet itself, with many breaking out into mainstream culture, being referenced on TV and talked about at work.

6 Simple Ways to Test Consumer Preferences

So you’ve got a great idea for a new product? But before you blow your budget on bringing it to market, there are a number of key questions you should get answered.

The Availability Heuristic, Green Tees & Decision Making

So what is the availability heuristic exactly?

How Widely Believed Are These 8 Common Myths Really?

Are you squeamish? Don’t like spiders? Then I bet you don’t like the idea that we swallow 8 spiders in our sleep each year.

How to Achieve Agile Product Development for Physical Products

Agile product development is vital for brands wanting to stay relevant in today’s fast paced marketplace, but if you’re manufacturing a physical product this can be challenging.

The Most Innovative Brands 2017 as Voted By UK Consumers

'Innovate or die' is an imperitive understood by almost every corporate executive.

How Loss Aversion Affects Market Research and Decision Making

You’re offered a gamble on a coin toss:

Competitive Analysis: 20 Experts Share Their Top Tips and Tools

You wouldn’t agree to a boxing match without knowing anything about your opponent. Likewise brands shouldn’t enter the marketplace without understanding their competition - or else they could end up ...