The Most Innovative Brands 2017 as Voted By UK Consumers

September 04, 2017

'Innovate or die' is an imperitive understood by almost every corporate executive.

Nobody wants to be the next BlockBuster, Kodak or Blackberry, often cited in blog posts and powerpoint presentations as textbook examples of what happens when you fail to innovate.

And everybody wants to be seen like Apple, Tesla and Amazon who continue to be drivers of innovation, with their respective stock prices rewarded handsomly as a result.

But how do the public view the biggest players in major industry sectors, such as banking, retail and automative?

To find out, we took 104 leading brands in 13 industries (defined by their market share, revenue or other publicly varifiable data) and asked 2000 members of the UK public to vote on which they thought was most innovative.

Below are the Top 3 most innovative brands in 12 of those categories (click the image to enlarge). 

You can see the full results here.


View the full results here.

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