What’s £1 Worth?

What’s £1 Worth?

How to Take Your Innovation Workshops to the next Level

‘Whenever you’re guessing, think of Attest’.

Do Brands Look Better Stripped Back? We Have the Answer!

Do Brands Look Better Stripped Back? This was a fascinating design project kicked off by the talented Mehmet Gozetlik, all the way back in 2010 as part of a project called ‘Minimalist effect in a ...

How The Jones Effect Can Help Brands Better Understand Consumers

‘The outside influences are always pouring in upon us, and we are always obeying their orders and accepting their verdicts. The Smiths like the new play; the Joneses go to see it, and they copy the ...

7 Epic Fails That Consumer Testing Can Help You Avoid

If you don’t listen carefully to consumers, it’s easy to get things wrong - even major brands have experienced epic fails because they were too complacent to get feedback first.

The Biggest Consumer Frustrations You Could Be Solving

Everyone’s got a pet peeve.

Simpson’s Paradox: When the Data Just Doesn’t Seem to Add Up

Tom and Sally throw a ball through a hoop over two days. In total, they each throw the ball the same number of times.

How to Write a Customer Survey to Get Actionable Insights

If you’ve never done it before, sitting down to construct a customer survey can seem a pretty daunting task. How do you ask questions that will dig deep and deliver information that will be truly ...

Denominator Neglect: What You Need to Know

Picture two urns stood on a table in front of you. You’re given the opportunity to pick a marble from one of them, and drawing a red marble wins a prize.

Latest Research Shows How Consumers Want to Engage with Brands

Last week, we covered 5 Revealing New Insights to Help Brands Connect with Consumers with a focus on technology adoption and preferences.
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